March 29, 2012

Menage a Trois

It's unnerving enough when a woman hears her man utter another woman's name with lust and awe, when in fact the one in front of him is wondering what colorful thoughts are running through his mind.  A little game of musical chairs in bed or around his comfy loft invites the devout holy thoughts of engaging in a menage a trois.  Yes, exactly!   More men than women will voice their thoughts of steaming up their mirrors and windows by inviting additional company of a lover.  The third lover is the 'trois' in this scene.   Three people engaging in sex at the same time gets minds wandering with whom, where and at what pace. Does pace really matter?   If all three consenting lovers choose to audition for certain parts in this fantasy, rest assure this lucky man will be grinning for quite a long time!    As we travel off into his flickering brain, he's the man who basks in the glory while watching two ladies dance around his nether regions while holding their attention in this mirage.   Among hearing people engage in a debate over such zealous activities, inquiring minds agree it is best to establish rules before engaging in Ooooo's.

Courtesy: Google-Flickr, Menage a Toi
1.   Be open to the experience and be sensible.
      Remember three's a crowd and feelings can get hurt.

2.   Know your boundaries and be fair.
      Discuss what sexual actions are permissible or not.

3.   Keep it light and fun.
      Remember it's an experience more than a lifestyle for many lovers.

4.  Vacate judgement if possible.
     Some things in life are meant to be experienced than analyzed!

5.  Common sense rule:
     Practice safe sex unless you're ready to play the baby daddy game.

*Threesomes are not for everyone.
Some lovers in life are not meant to be shared! ;)

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