February 28, 2012

Olive Oil for Orgasms

Olive oil is not just oil -- it can be an elixir for those stuck in a rut in Loverville. The same Mediterranean component that grants us internal  health benefits such as anti-aging, smoother skin and a healthy glow can be a similar driving force behind granting longer lasting orgasms.    For those still scratching their heads, yes,  olive oil can be used for massage and a few hits of 'ooo la la'.

So if one is playing Taboo, here are your words:

Gliding, Riding, Moaning, Heat, Ecstasy

'Sex' anyone?

Courtesy: Essential Oils, ZA

February 15, 2012

....Like Another Hit of Expresso?

Thomas Crown: May I ask you a very personal question?
Catherine Banning: Why not.

Thomas Crown: Would you like another hit of espresso?
[Catherine looks confused.]
Thomas Crown: Would you..

Catherine Banning: ..like another hit of espresso, that's the very personal question?
Thomas Crown: That's as good as it gets.

Catherine Banning: Excuse me, may I ask you a very personal question?
Thomas Crown: Oh sure, by all means.

Catherine Banning: Do you really think I am going to sleep with the man I am investigating?
Thomas Crown: Is that the question?
Catherine Banning: Yes that's it.

Thomas Crown: Now why should I answer your question when you didn't seriously commit to my espresso?
Catherine Banning: All right, then I'll seriously commit to your espresso.
Courtesy: Text (TC Affair), Picture (Serious Eats)

February 13, 2012

It Takes Two to Tango!

'Ooo la la' comes in many forms yet there are times when 'Ooo la la' crosses one's path in sneaky and unforeseen ways allowing life to get a bit messy.   Infidelity has existed since centuries though in the last four decades, it's a topic many eyes and ears cannot ignore as uninvited romantic encounters outside an existing union jeopardizes the well being of all parties involved.
"Men make women messy."-Thomas Crown Affair
Yes, very true. Still...it takes two to tango.

Courtesy: Les Infideles, French Film

How many people cheat on their spouse? Below are some statistics, courtesy of Post Masculine, 2011.
-1997: 22% of men; 14% of women
-1998: 24% of men; 18% of women
-1998: 37% of men; 22% of women
-2002: 50-60% of men; 45-55% of women
-2003: 50-65% of men; 45-55% of women

-53% of the population, within United States,  will cheat on a significant other during their lifetime.
-Affairs effect 1 in 2.7 couples.
-Women under 30 are just as likely to cheat as men under 30. After 30, women are far less likely to cheat.
-98% of married men and 80% of married women admit to fantasizing about someone other than their partner.
-80% of women who suspect their spouse of cheating are correct; where as 50% of men are correct.
-65% of affairs end up causing divorce.

According to the Global Social Survey conducted by the National Science Foundation, less than 5% of men and 3% of women are unfaithful annually.

Courtesy: Entre Las Piernas, Spanish Film

It is wise to consider all views when inferring these statistics since there are many online sources that deliver "shock statistics" just to retrieve an upheaval in reaction on a global platform.  It would be nice if statistics on serial monogamy were included, where such relationships encompass partners engaging in a relationship until the next best partner comes along.   These serial monogamists spring from one relationship into another without taking respite to address their personal life matters thus granting the common man to fathom how these serial lovers acquire their new fish while busy with their existing 'other half', place holders (sound better?).  As this mess sorts itself out, 'Killing Me Softly' permeates the air while lovers play musical chairs.

February 11, 2012

O' Rumi

"I want to see you.

Know your voice.

Recognize you when you
first come 'round the corner.

Sense your scent when I come
into a room you just left.

Know the lift of your heel,
the glide of your foot.

Become familiar with the way
you purse your lips
then let them part,
just the slightest bit,
when I lean into your space
and kiss you.

I want to know the joy 
of you whisper

Courtesy: Perfume Shrine

Sensual Biting

Ooh...Ahh...Mmm!  Sensual biting brings different sorts of pleasures to those who seek it and as well to those who offer their mighty mouths to navigate their beloved's body, part by part, gliding along this sensual journey in Loverville.   Being bitten or biting a lover is not everyones' forte, though  don't knock it until you've tried it!     It's best recommended to try this activity on a lover whom you know well rather than someone new on a first date. For not all people perceive biting past its primal instinct so do proceed with caution.    Some may perceive it to be a sadistic act while others may be open to releasing some steam with those sensual bites leading to a greater finale.   

Courtesy: Manchester Gossip
All those in Loverville, here are the do's and don'ts of biting:

~Bite gently and keep it QUICK,  long bites are not sexy leaving your partner in pain rather than pleasure
~Remember you're playing Casanova, not Hannibal
~Bite in places that awaken the senses such the neck, the back, behind the knees, calves, the belly...
~Rotate the places where you bite, to keep the senses alert at all times
~Pace Yourself

~Produce sound effects while biting, focus on the act and the response
~Bite random places
~Bite to make your lover bleed
~Ask how it feels after every bite
~Continue biting if your partner has voiced reservations with it

Courtesy: Ooo Studio

February 9, 2012

Remember This...

Courtesy: VSMeets.Wordpress

Eat Your Way to 'Ooo La La'

In honor of Valentine's Day,  lovers and players all alike, will indulge in some delicious foods that hopefully include a few aphrodisiacs.  
Remember with some foods, what you eat is what you'll taste like.
Just kidding, right? Nope! 

Top Aphrodisiacs:   Oysters,  Vanilla, Almonds, Chocolate, Figs, Bananas, Basil, Asparagus, Honey, Strawberries

Courtesy: FitBuff

February 7, 2012

Do You Know What You Taste Like?

Before you folks get any crazy ideas, know that we're talking about a very distinct taste, 'OneTaste'.  OneTaste is a 'slow sex' movement founded by Nicole Daedone in San Francisco, where she and her team research and teach singles, couples and more the essence of a true orgasm in female sexuality.  Though the OneTaste method may appear geared towards females, it engages men and women to understand how vital an orgasm is to one's self awareness and growth.   With a culmination of yoga, Buddhist, tantric and meditative practices, these elements enrich the mindfulness practice of clearing and awakening genital contact simultaneously, while OM participants project their sexual energy outwards by sharing the newly acquired state of nirvana with their partners.

So how slow is 'slow' sex? The OneTaste method dissects the process of sex into steps that lead to the ultimate orgasm, before doing so, couples are taught how one stroke at a time can lead to an enriching experience that transcends the physical state of intimate engagement.
Are you still curious to know what you taste like?

Courtesy: OneTaste.Us

February 6, 2012


"Touche Moi Ici" is dedicated to all readers who are interested in enriching their life cocktails with a mix of sensuality, sexuality and more 'ooo la la'.    As Ms. Wake Up embraces the altar in "Break Up or Wake Up", she embarks upon a new adventure that welcomes everyone to lay back, relax and unzip those ...

Courtesy:  "Sensuality" by Fort-O