March 6, 2012

All Rise in Loverville!

Stop yawning and rise -- for going early to bed is over rated, not to mention a sin in Loverville. One can fore go the fear of tired eyes by trading in the yawning for 'ooo la la' goodies that grant a mesmerizing glow to the body and a powerful zing to the brain.    Where does one seek those 'ooo la la' goodies?    Sex toys have been popular for several decades yet research shows the first sex shop originated in 1962 in Germany, a trail blazer in the sex shop business before sex shops started sprouting in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Italy and locations.   These shops specialize in selling lingerie, sex toys...basically any paraphernalia that will enhance the pleasures of those engaging in sexual activities. Most of these shops are dual gender friendly, where as some may target audiences of specific sexual orientations.  Ultimately, these shops serve as modes of entertainment while engaging clientele to explore their sexuality on a broader platform.

Courtesy: Cracked
"Locking up Anderson"

Here is a list of few famous sex shops worth mentioning:
1.  Good Vibrations, San Francisco & Brookline
2.  Xandria, San Francisco
3.  Babeland, Seattle & Manhattan
4.  St. Mark's Place, Manhattan
5.  Ann Summers, United Kingdom

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