February 11, 2012

Sensual Biting

Ooh...Ahh...Mmm!  Sensual biting brings different sorts of pleasures to those who seek it and as well to those who offer their mighty mouths to navigate their beloved's body, part by part, gliding along this sensual journey in Loverville.   Being bitten or biting a lover is not everyones' forte, though  don't knock it until you've tried it!     It's best recommended to try this activity on a lover whom you know well rather than someone new on a first date. For not all people perceive biting past its primal instinct so do proceed with caution.    Some may perceive it to be a sadistic act while others may be open to releasing some steam with those sensual bites leading to a greater finale.   

Courtesy: Manchester Gossip
All those in Loverville, here are the do's and don'ts of biting:

~Bite gently and keep it QUICK,  long bites are not sexy leaving your partner in pain rather than pleasure
~Remember you're playing Casanova, not Hannibal
~Bite in places that awaken the senses such the neck, the back, behind the knees, calves, the belly...
~Rotate the places where you bite, to keep the senses alert at all times
~Pace Yourself

~Produce sound effects while biting, focus on the act and the response
~Bite random places
~Bite to make your lover bleed
~Ask how it feels after every bite
~Continue biting if your partner has voiced reservations with it

Courtesy: Ooo Studio

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