February 13, 2012

It Takes Two to Tango!

'Ooo la la' comes in many forms yet there are times when 'Ooo la la' crosses one's path in sneaky and unforeseen ways allowing life to get a bit messy.   Infidelity has existed since centuries though in the last four decades, it's a topic many eyes and ears cannot ignore as uninvited romantic encounters outside an existing union jeopardizes the well being of all parties involved.
"Men make women messy."-Thomas Crown Affair
Yes, very true. Still...it takes two to tango.

Courtesy: Les Infideles, French Film

How many people cheat on their spouse? Below are some statistics, courtesy of Post Masculine, 2011.
-1997: 22% of men; 14% of women
-1998: 24% of men; 18% of women
-1998: 37% of men; 22% of women
-2002: 50-60% of men; 45-55% of women
-2003: 50-65% of men; 45-55% of women

-53% of the population, within United States,  will cheat on a significant other during their lifetime.
-Affairs effect 1 in 2.7 couples.
-Women under 30 are just as likely to cheat as men under 30. After 30, women are far less likely to cheat.
-98% of married men and 80% of married women admit to fantasizing about someone other than their partner.
-80% of women who suspect their spouse of cheating are correct; where as 50% of men are correct.
-65% of affairs end up causing divorce.

According to the Global Social Survey conducted by the National Science Foundation, less than 5% of men and 3% of women are unfaithful annually.

Courtesy: Entre Las Piernas, Spanish Film

It is wise to consider all views when inferring these statistics since there are many online sources that deliver "shock statistics" just to retrieve an upheaval in reaction on a global platform.  It would be nice if statistics on serial monogamy were included, where such relationships encompass partners engaging in a relationship until the next best partner comes along.   These serial monogamists spring from one relationship into another without taking respite to address their personal life matters thus granting the common man to fathom how these serial lovers acquire their new fish while busy with their existing 'other half', place holders (sound better?).  As this mess sorts itself out, 'Killing Me Softly' permeates the air while lovers play musical chairs.

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