February 7, 2012

Do You Know What You Taste Like?

Before you folks get any crazy ideas, know that we're talking about a very distinct taste, 'OneTaste'.  OneTaste is a 'slow sex' movement founded by Nicole Daedone in San Francisco, where she and her team research and teach singles, couples and more the essence of a true orgasm in female sexuality.  Though the OneTaste method may appear geared towards females, it engages men and women to understand how vital an orgasm is to one's self awareness and growth.   With a culmination of yoga, Buddhist, tantric and meditative practices, these elements enrich the mindfulness practice of clearing and awakening genital contact simultaneously, while OM participants project their sexual energy outwards by sharing the newly acquired state of nirvana with their partners.

So how slow is 'slow' sex? The OneTaste method dissects the process of sex into steps that lead to the ultimate orgasm, before doing so, couples are taught how one stroke at a time can lead to an enriching experience that transcends the physical state of intimate engagement.
Are you still curious to know what you taste like?

Courtesy: OneTaste.Us

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