October 4, 2012

Let Him Chase You Until You Catch Him

It was a few years ago this phrase had surfaced among the dating and reading circles. When one ponders over it, well...it is true that the man should pursue this lady in the chase as it captivates his attention and elates the sentiments of the lady. It is okay to become a challenge in the midst of being pursued though there is a clear line between playing games for Ms. Ooo La La  has never been a fan of playing games nor is this a platform for an endorsement of such. To interpret "let him chase you until you catch him' from a dignified perspective means that the man should make the effort in getting to know his object of affection, should be the one to initiate (leadership and chivalry never go out of style) and both smart individuals in this scenario know how to keep the power dynamics in balance if there are ever going to get to that first kiss, hmm perhaps a date. In essence it's not about winning a prize yet it's being able to hold and engage a lover's attention before one of them pops due to anticipation! Curiosity did kill the cat.
(Courtesy of Ms. Wake Up)

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